Disrupted is a one woman experimental film about the loss of Nicole Denise White’s father to suicide. Through a multimedia collage of 10 chapters, Disrupted navigates Niki’s coming-of-age while remembering and retelling her father’s story. This series of vignettes explore the multifaceted perspectives on mental health, suicide, love and loss. Fighting against the romanticization and villainization of suicide, the piece aims to connect to the universal human experience and ideology that life is worth living.
Nicole Denise White is an interdisciplinary performing artist based in NYC who is a recent graduate of the Interarts Performance program at the University of Michigan. Her background as a theatre-maker informs all her artistic pursuits in her practice. Her original plans of a live performance had to shift due to COVID creating an opportunity to translate her theatre experience into an experimental film. Thematically, Niki always knew her senior thesis would center her father who took his own life a month before her freshman year at the University. She strives to honor him and all those who left this world too soon. ​​​​​​​