Nicole Denise White (Writer, Director, Editor) is a recent graduate of the BFA Interarts Performance program at The University of Michigan. Niki was also a University Productions employee in the Paint shop. U-M: Interarts: Han’s Solo (Creator, Performer), Deviled Eggs (Creator, Performer), Headlines (Co-Creator, Performer). University Productions: Nora; A Doll’s House (Assistant Director, Intimacy Captain). Theatre and Drama Productions: Murakami by the Sea (Scenic Designer, Performer), The Clown Show (Scenic Designer, Charge Artist, Clown), Dance Nation (Intimacy Coordinator). Basement Arts: The Baltimore Waltz (AD), The Game (SM), She Kills Monsters (Scenic & Sound Designer, Performer), This Is Our Youth (Scenic Designer), Slut (Actor), Headsets (Dramaturge). We The PROUD: What Was+ May Be (Artistic Director, Production Designer), Pass Over (Graphic Designer). Musket: Funny Girl (Intimacy Coordinator). Rude Mechanicals: The Motherf**ker with the Hat (Scenic Designer, Charge Artist). 3AM Productions: Daddy Long Legs (Projection Designer). Film: Multiverse Media (Graphic Designer, Actor), Woman in Training (Actor, Art Director). As an interdisciplinary artist, she is often taking on different roles in theatre and film, while creating her own practice and performing. D is for Disrupted.
Tiara Partsch (Assitant Director, Production Manager) Born and raised in Luxembourg, Tiara is a BFA Directing student at the University of Michigan. She is a passionate advocate of storytelling as a social tool and loves to create theatre that exists at the intersection of visual arts, music, movement, and literature. She hence could not have been more honored to have worked on Disrupted and continues to be inspired by Niki’s brilliance and the team’s ingenuity every day. Special Shoutout to Niki’s home-cooked lunches. D is for dabchick! 
Naomi Rodriguez (Lighting Designer, Creative Collaborator) Originally from Miami, Florida, Naomi “Nomi” Rodriguez is a BFA Interarts Performance student and an interdisciplinary artist. She also takes part in student organizations on campus like Hopelessly Yellow and FIERCCE to bring awareness to mental health through music and celebrate BIPOC spaces. Naomi has been a part of UM Musket: Once on This Island (Hair/Makeup Artist & Social Media Assistant). Student Productions: Next to Normal (Assistant Projection Designer). growing pains. (Projection Designer). Playfest: The In Between (Projection Designer). D is for Definitely. Definitely loving every step of the way.
Elaine, Sung Hyun, Cho (Sound Designer, Creative Collaborator) From Seoul, Korea, is a BFA Interarts Performance student at the University of Michigan. They have a visual arts background but pursue interdisciplinary art by experimenting with performance, sound, and other genres of art. They have been experimenting with sound and pushing the boundaries of music. She also takes part in the fashion runway student organization, Noir, as a model. Elaine has been a part of UM Musket: Once on This Island (Social Events Marketing Team). Student Productions: Next to Normal (Scenic Designer & Costumes). Sleeping Til Seattle (Understudy Cast) D is for Destiny as I am Destiny’s Child.
Marta Frank (Creative Collaborator) is a BFA Interarts Performance candidate. She is from East Chicago, IN. She is so happy to be a part of the Disrupted team, especially since she has such a strong interest in devised work. Basement Arts: WIT (Actor). U-M: Dance Nation (Props Designer). D is for Dodo. A plump, dino-like, flightless bird, hunted into extinction.
Lynn Faulkner (Creative Collaborator) is in the Interarts performance major. Lynn is an interdisciplinary artist who’s exploring ink art, drag, writing, performance, and digital art. They were born in Lansing, Michigan, and though they’re not set on what they want to focus on they’re excited to explore their art and to improve on their craft. They hope to become more confident in their work. D is for Dusknoir Trainer.
Katie Dutka (Creative Collaborator) is a Interarts Performance major. She is an interdisciplinary artist who specializes in surrealist painting, portrait art, writing, performing, musical development, and experimental devised work. Katie is from the middle of the woods, so since moving to the city she is trying to get involved in any show, production, or art concept opportunity available in any way that she can; whether it be as a performer, designer, contributor, or something else. D is for Doc Marten Enthusiast.
Maddie Vassalo (Creative Collaborator) Born and raised in Washington, DC, Maddie is a BFA Interarts candidate and is so happy to be part of this amazing creating team! So far at Michigan, Maddie has worked on Small Mouth Sounds (Assistant Stage Manager), Murakami by the Sea (Stage Manager) Multiverse Media (Actor and Poster Designer), Tiger King: King of the Tigers (Costume and Prop Designer), Playfest: For the Longest Time (Actor) she is also a member of Michigan Hackers and Exposure Productions. D is for DC Statehood, #taxationwithoutrepresentation